Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q - How do I proceed?

A - As a first step, contact us now via below methods to book a 30 minute consultation over Phone or WhatsApp. We will understand your needs and answer your questions


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Step 2: We will visit your home/site to take accurate measurements and finalize door configuration

Step 3: We will work with you to finalize design for the door. You can either get inspired from a range of world-class designs available in this website or we can create a unique design from scratch

Step 4: Door manufacturing in our factory

  • Door frame fabrication

  • Laser-cutting and welding

  • 6-stage professional spray painting for car-like finish

  • Door lock assembly

  • Rigorous quality check

  • Packaging and shipment

Step 5: Once the door arrives at your location, our engineer with visit your home/site at your convenient time to install the door and hand-over the keys to you


Q - What are the material specifications of Precision Safety Doors?

A - We use premium gradeTATA STRUCTURA steel tubes or equivalent conforming to  IS: 4923 and IS: 1161 manufacturing standards. Our door outer and inner frames are made of 75x25 mm, 60x40 mm, or 50x25 mm and minimum 1.6mm thick rectangular steel sections. The steel sections we use as they have higher concentric strength, higher torsional rigidity, better lateral stability, and can withstand a minimum of 310 Megapascal stress. Laser-cut designs are made from from JSW steel or equivalent sheet of thickness ranging from 3mm to 6mm or more. Sheet thickness is decided based on design and engineering considerations, thinner sheet for dense design and thicker sheet for more spacious design.


Q - How do you install the door in my entrance?

A - We fasten the safety door on your existing wooden or steel frame at 8 or more places using a combination of security screws and sealant wax for permanent fix that can not be easily tampered with. Alternatively, if you already have done any artistic work on your existing wooden or steel frame, we will mount the door within or outside the frame and NOT on the existing frame. Please tell us during design stage if you already have or plan to have artistic work on your frame, so that we can manufacturing the door to mount it within the frame. In this case the door will not have an outer frame.


Q - What is a safety door made of?

A - Safety door  is typically fabricated from mild steel, stainless steel, and wood. The most popular material used is mild steel, while some prefer stainless steel. Safety door made of wood is rare. Locks and other hardwares/accessories that come with the door are made of high-grade alloy metals.


Q - Which safety door material is better - mild steel, stainless steel, or wood?

A - Safety door made of steel is always better than wood as steel is much stronger, highly durable, and can withstand weather elements better. Within steel, mild steel is very popular as it is considered value for money and can be coated with different colors and styles. Stainless steel has much better corrosion resistance and strength, but the price is 3-4 times that of mild steel. Moreover, stainless steel is not easy to paint and the paint coat is not durable. Safety door is built using wood mainly for aesthetic purpose rather than for safety. Safety door made of steel can also feature certain wood elements.


Q - How is safety door different from steel door?

A - Steel door is actually not made of solid steel. It has paper, polyurethane, or polystyrene filler material sandwiched between two steel skins. Steel door is installed permanently as a replacement to wooden door. Safety door, on the other hand, is fabricated using steel tubes and sheets to provide added safety to both wooden door and steel door, comes with a variety of artistic designs and colors, and can be easily upgraded.


Q - What kind of lock you use in your safety door?

A - We use mortise lock made by premium brands like Godrej and Yale or multi-point locks in Classic series, biometric electronic locks in our Digital series, and voice-controlled electronic locks integrated with Alexa/Siri/Google Assistant home automation system. 


Q - What does your pricing include?

A - Door pricing typically encompasses laser-cut design, fabrication, highly durable spray painting, locks and other hardware, and stainless steel fly mesh/steel enclosure. We will also customize it based on your requirements. Shipping and installation is FREE within Tamil Nadu. Our delivery lead time is 2 weeks once final measurements are taken, and door design and configuration are finalized.


Q - Which type of door your company manufactures?

A - We manufacture safety doors made of mild steel and occasionally stainless steel.  After taking accurate measurements, we fabricate the door base structure using rectangular or square steel tubes. Then, we design artistic features and cut the design onto a steel sheet using laser-cutting technology. We fabricate the laser-cut designer sheet along with imported hinges onto the door base structure, and prepare the door for spray painting. Finally, we paint the door using high-quality spray painting and assemble the locks and other hardware. 


Q - What is a safety door?

A - Safety door is an additional door built and installed in residential homes and commercial establishments to help prevent unauthorized entry from intruders. It is also known as 'safety grill door/gate' in India and 'security door' in some other countries.


Q - I already have a safety grill door and want to upgrade it, how to go about it?

A - We will handle removing and discarding your existing grill door FREE of charge, and work with you to fabricate and install our stylish and secure laser-cut safety door.


Q - I need more than safety doors. Can I use your help? 

A - Absolutely! Due to popular demand from our customers, we also offer customized designer metal and wood work to improve the security and elegance of your home - laser-cut wood work, balcony/patio designer metal security grills, privacy screens, in-door metal staircases & railings, window security grills, and laser-cut metal art. If you have an interesting idea, please do not hesitate to contact us.